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Kreidler e-bike: get yourself moving.

Our society is facing great changes, especially in urban and suburban areas. The emergence of megacities, the ongoing pressure and overload of traffic, high fuel prices and, last but not least, a growing awareness of health and environmental issues all create the conditions for a much-needed new approach to mobility.
The key technology for a sustainable mobility system is electromobility. Hills? Easy to climb. Long distances? Easy to cover with the E-bike. Congestion? Easy to avoid.

Kreidler E-bikes & Pedelecs – providing faster, more flexible, more sustainable and more individual riding satisfaction.

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Qualität aus Oldenburg

Made in Oldenburg

At Kreidler, quality is the focus. In line with our "Made in Oldenburg" seal of quality, we produce E-bikes as the perfect combination of brand components, state-of-the-art technology and modern production methods.

Testlabor – Kreidler  

Our test laboratory

We always focus on the stability and rigidity of our E-bikes. In our in-house test laboratory we create conditions that are well above standard European norms.

Unabhängige Tests – Kreidler

Independent tests

The impressive Kreidler E-bikes are noted for their design, their innovative technology and, more and more, their racing performance. We are always happy to get our products tested by independent test institutes, such as Stiftung Warentest. You can read the latest test reports here.

Fahrradregistrierung – Kreidler

Bike registration

Kreidler offers you the chance to protect your E-bike from theft using an online bicycle coding system.

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Kreidler e-bikes in test

Reviews are still a crucial buying criterion, not just for an e-bike. All the more, we are delighted to receive regular awards with our e-bikes. In addition, we are operating a separate test laboratory at the location in Oldenburg and are continuously developing our e-bikes in 2020/2021. All with one goal: to offer our customers the best and safest bicycles. Latest E-Bike reviews and valuations can be found here.

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