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Vitality Select 45 km/h

The Vitality Select Performance Speed accelerates powerful and harmoniously up to a max. speed of 45 km/h and thereby closes the gap between 25 km/h eBikes and larger motorized bikes. With regard to safety and comfort, the swift Vitality Selct is obviously designed for higher speeds.


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Simple operation | USB port for charging (e.g. MP 3 player or smartphone)
| start assist up to 6 km/h | 5 different modes: eco, tour, sport,
turbo, off | information on range, day trip, travel time and average
speed | display for current motor output, clock, maximum speed and
total mileage | total operation time and configuration menu can be
called up


Light battery - best in class | simple handling | long lifecycle and high
mileage | easy to store and charge – any time and any place | possible
to charge without removing PowerPack | 2 year warranty

PowerPack 400 | voltage: 36 V | capacity: 11.6 Ah | energy content:
400 Wh | weight: 2.5 kg | anti-theft system | can be charged at
230 volt outlet (100% in 3.5 hours)


Active Cruise Drive Unit
pedal assistance up to 45 km/h | weight: 3.5 kg | rated output:
350 watt | torque: 35 – 48 Nm | mid-motor (low centre of gravity) |
electronically controlled by 3 sensors for speed, torque, and pedal
frequency | road spray and chip protection | maintenance free |
start up response: smooth


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