Whether in the terrain, for a long bike tour, a relaxed ride into the countryside or for leisurely shopping in the city - Kreidler has the right bike for every application.





Kreidler offers popular motorcycles & scooters up to 250cc. Electric scooters with zero emission round off the range.




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Find out more about the latest models for motorsports enthusiasts, recreational riders, admirers of classic rides and trendsetters
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The Fast, flexible, sustainable and individual driving pleasure: Discover our web special on e-bikes!

Kreidler motor vehicles

The 2015 Motorcycle & Scooter Programme

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The complete motor vehicle programme for the 2015 season available here for downloading (PDF)
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Kreidler allows to protect bikes prevently by online-based bike-theft coding and creates a direct assignment from the bike to its owner.
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Our Eco Vitality 6 was rated "good" in the "ElektroRad" test. 2014

The Vitality Eco 6 was rated with a deserved "good" in the "ElektroRad" Video Review.


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Fast forward





Fast Forward


If you happen to cross Lindenstraße 50 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück early in the morning, you might just notice that, at Kreidler, we’ve already been hard at work managing, developing, buying and checking for hours. We get up so early because our passion drives us every single day to excel. Our passion is »motorised«. We’re often asked where our enthusiasm comes from. The feeling of limitless freedom? Of independence? Or have we just been seduced by our fascination with speed?


Each of us will have our own individual answer. But one thing is clear – we all share a love of motorised vehicles that we can’t escape. It motivates us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The Kreidler brand and products are always on our mind and we like it that way because we want to develop the best possible products for you!


We always aim to be on the same wavelength as our customers and the market and are proud to be a medium-sized family-owned business. We finance the business ourselves, make our own decisions and put all our profi ts right back into the company! One thing is certain – we’re proud of who we are and will continue to follow our passion!


Kreidler – fast forward!

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1888 THE BIRTH OF A SUCCESS STORY … a name which brings back memories. For more than 100 years now, Kreidler is synonymous with brand name products. The company, founded in 1888 in Kornwestheim, made a name for itself in particular with its mopeds and motorbikes. You surely know someone around the age of 40, whose eyes light up when thinking of his youth and the »good old Kreidler-Florett«?




Almost a century after the company was founded, and after many successes with the popular motorbikes, the location Rheda-Wiedenbrück was chosen as the production facility for a further line of products – bicycles. The goal was to implement the Kreidler brand name and the associated trust of successful motorized types to bicycles. Thus the idea ripened to develop bicycles of exceptionally high quality and contemporary design, which would then capture the German bicycle market.


First only a vague vision, then soon a reality, because the brand’s excellent image could be implemented successfully in the bicycle collection and was received by cyclists with great enthusiasm. And nine years later, production of motorized cycles was also resumed. Because the Florett and Mustang should no longer remain just a nostalgic memory, but should regain its place in history outfitted with a new look and modern technology.


The tried and true was maintained, even when manufacturing was relocated to Oldenburg in Lower Saxony in 2000. This was an important step to bundle competencies and ensure effective manufacturing. Something which is favorable for the consumer, last but not least in price…




Today, we at Kreidler can not only look back at an eventful century, but also eagerly look forward to the future. Because the specialized trade brand Kreidler has become indispensable for the German bicycle market. Kreidler has become a really big name with respect to safety and quality. Kreidler is no longer capitalizing alone on the success of motorized bikes, but also now stands for a popular and reliable collection of bicycles.


That’s why we are really pleased to be able to present the current collection on the following pages. And for those of you thinking back on the good old Florett or Mustang, then be sure to also have a look at our motorbikes. Because a lot has changed in the meantime. Across Europe.


Now have a great time browsing…