Ride savely

So you can always be safe on the road, we consider safety aspects already during development:

  • Frame concept 
  • Ergonomics
  • Supension
  • Tyres
See and be seen for safety

Darkness, rain, busy streets – the SECCON safety concept considers situations where it is important to see and be seen

  • Bright LED lights
  • Brake and high-beam function
  • Parking light
  • Reflectors
  • Tyres with reflective strips
Stop savely

When planning the brakes and tyres, we consider the higher speeds and greater weight of e-bikes:

  • Hydraulic disc or rim brakes
  • additional coaster brake
  • Tyres with good grip
Secure savely

For an additional security dividend, we have established a digital registration system:

  • Online registration
  • Digital theft reporting
  • Returns of any e-bikes and bicycles found

SECCON safety concept

Four pillars for a big safety bonus

Kreidler e-bikes score with outstanding quality and excellent safety features. More and more often, e-bikes are used as a fully-fledged means of transport, for longer distances and in wind and weather.

With our SECCON safety concept, we ensure that you ride on the "safe side" at all times on a Kreidler e-bike. 

In traffic or off the roads unexpected tricky situations can arise, say, when rain begins, if the road surface is uneven or because of the negligence of other road users. At such times it is particularly important to be safe on the road. With our “ride safely” motto, we consider these conditions, as well as the higher speeds, greater acceleration and additional weight caused by an e-bikes drive and battery.


Frame concept

Our frames are reinforced at important points, offering stability, quiet running and first-class handling. Conically tapered head tubes allow for precise steering. The batteries, optimally integrated into the frame, ensure a low centre of gravity, smoother running and easier manoeuvring.



High permissible total weight

Of course, we have also though that you might be on the road at times with baggage or heavy loads of shopping. Kreidler e-bikes can be loaded up to a maximum total weight of 140 kg – our “plus models” for large, strong people even up to 170 kg.



Suspension fork

With our front forks fitted with suspension, uneven road surfaces affect the ride less significantly, ensuring better safety and more ride comfort – whether on city streets or country tracks. The suspension also protects your wrists and back.


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Suspension seat post

Just like with the forks, the suspension on the seat post also ensures comfort and makes sure bumps don’t affect your ride. The cushioning ensures extra safety and takes the burden off your buttocks and back.



Screw-fixed ergonomic grips

Ergonomic grips are an important point of contact between rider and bike and ensure you feel in control when riding. So the grips don’t slide around after heavy use, they are screwed onto most of our e-bikes.



Puncture-resistant tyres

An insert made of special rubber makes our puncture-resistant tyres particularly tough and resistant to damage, ensuring the maximum level of safety. The tyres do not perish and maintain high quality even for longer periods



Anti-slip pedals

The particularly slip-resistant surface of our anti-slip pedals ensures very good grip. Particularly in the rain or in a tricky situation, you need to be able to rely at all times on good grip on the pedals.



„Oversized“ handlebars & stem combination

Our “oversized” combination of stem and handlebars impresses with its extra safety. High-quality brand-name components and a wide diameter at the clamp area reduce handlebar vibration and guarantee the best possible stability.


Darkness, twilight, rain, mist or busy streets – there are many situations where it is important for riders to be well seen early on and continuously, or to light up the path ahead of them. In fact, many accidents these days are still caused by insufficiently lit bikes and e-bikes. So our customers can always be safe, see and be seen, we paid particularly close attention to lighting in our SECCON concept.



Bright LED lights

Ultra-modern LED technology is the guarantee in darkness or poor weather for still being spotted early on by other road users. Bright front lights also make sure obstructions or potholes can be seen early, so the rider can react.


Fernlicht Funktion

High beam function

A powerful, bright high beam up to 150 LUX ensures the best possible vision up to distances of 50 metres. Because of exact bright/dark boundaries, the high beam does not dazzle other road users. The high beam can be switched on and off easily by a button on the handlebars



Brake light function

The most modern brake light systems automatically detect when you markedly reduce the speed of your e-bike. This function, even in daytime mode, is an important building block for improving your safety in road traffic.


Standlicht Funktion

Parking light

When it’s dark and you stop at traffic lights, pull over to the edge of the road or park, it is particularly important that your e-bike and its rider remain seen at all times. The front light and rear light with parking function ensure that a Kreidler bike is always easy to spot.



Reflecting tyres

Modern reflecting tyres with bright strips around the entire edge light up extremely noticeably if a car’s headlamps or other light source strikes the bike from the side. In the dark or as the sun sets, this means Kreidler e-bikes are also easy to see from the side.




Some reflectors are legally required, and for good reason: in front, behind, on the pedals and in the spokes, they add extra safety and reduce the risk of accidents in the dark or when visibility is poor.

A car making a sudden turn, a ball rolling onto the road, a car door being opened just a few metres ahead – there are many treacherous traffic situations that are impossible to predict. In these situations, and when riding at high speed or tackling difficult terrain, having a bike equipped for safety is as important as your reaction time. And even in “normal” situations, being able to stop reliably is always important. When planning the components important for deceleration and stopping, we give special consideration to the higher speeds and greater weights of e-bikes.


Hydraulic disc brakes

These finely adjustable hydraulic brakes, operable with very little force, impress with their outstanding braking power and are somewhat superior to other braking systems in the rain.



Hydraulic rim brakes

The Magura hydraulic rim brakes we use are among the best in their class. Despite their enormous braking power, when combined with ergonomically fine-tuned brake levers they can be applied with great subtlety and offer a great braking feeling.


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Coaster brakes

In addition to the brakes on the handlebars, we fit some of our less sporty models with a practical coaster brake. Particularly those riders who are used to these brakes will benefit from these.



Tyres profile with grip

High-quality branded tyres offer the best possible grip on various different surfaces – an aspect that positively affects the braking distance and should not be ignored. In addition, these tyres have excellent puncture resistance.



Brake light function

Modern brake light systems automatically detect when the speed of an e-bike is markedly reduced. This function, even in daytime mode, is an important building block for improving safety when stopping in road traffic.


The police register around 260,000 bike and e-bike thefts per year – reason enough to make sure you think about keeping your bike secure. Even high-quality mechanical locks are barely a challenge for thieves – a large proportion of the stolen bikes and e-bikes were very well locked up. We recommend always locking e-bikes and bicycles with at least one high-quality lock. To offer our customers an additional security bonus, we have established a digital registration system:


Online registration for e-bikes and bicycles

Whether via this website or using the Kreidler My Bike app – if e-bikes or bicycles are registered with us, thefts are easier to deal with and bikes that have been found can be returned to their owners. One click will allow bikes to be reported stolen, so that we and the police know about the theft. In addition, all the important bike data are collected in a secure location.



Digital theft reporting

If it unfortunately comes to it, the theft of an e-bike or bicycle should be reported to the police or to insurers. If a bike is registered, you can generate and print a pre-filled theft report at a single click



Returning found e-bikes / bicycles

In reality, the police do relatively often turn up e-bikes and bicycles reported stolen or take custody of them in the course of their investigations. In these cases, we make sure that such e-bikes or bicycles are returned to their owners. For this service, all you need to pay for is the return transport.