Kreidler urban / compact e-bikes


Urban / Compact E-Bikes von Kreidler
Vitality Eco Compact 2.0
Vitality Eco Compact 2.0 Shimano Nexus 5-speed free wheel / Bosch Performance Line / 625Wh / Disc / Gates
Vitality E Urban
Vitality E Urban Shimano Nexus 5-speed free wheel / Bosch Performance Line SX / 400Wh / Disc / Gates

Qualität aus Oldenburg

Made in Oldenburg

At Kreidler, quality is the focus. In line with our "Made in Oldenburg" seal of quality, we produce e-bikes as the perfect combination of brand components, state-of-the-art technology and modern production methods.

Testlabor – Kreidler  

Our test laboratory

We always focus on the stability and rigidity of our bikes. In our in-house test laboratory we create conditions that are well above standard European norms.

Unabhängige Tests – Kreidler

Independent tests

The impressive Kreidler e-bikes are noted for their design and their innovative technology. We are always happy to get our products tested by independent test institutes.

Fahrradregistrierung – Kreidler

Bike registration

Kreidler offers you the chance to protect your E-bike from theft using an online bicycle coding system.

Urban & Compact bikes.
Comfort and safety.

Compact e-bike? Cleverly mobile.

Small, flexible, practical or fast and stylish on the move - our compact or urban bikes score points with their great flexibility and versatility. Compact bikes are ideal for commuting on public transport, shopping in the city or on the road with a camper van - the compact design with smaller wheels makes it possible to store and transport a compact bike in a space-saving manner.  

Urban e-bike? Fast and stylish.

Puristic design and technical finesse - the Kreidler E-Urban is optimized for fast-paced use on asphalt and is a stylish companion in the urban jungle. The drive duo Gates belt drive and 5-speed Nexus freewheel hub from Shimano are particularly low-maintenance and comfortable.


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