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Bicycle Models 2022

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Everything about the e-bike technology of our Kreidler e-bikes.

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Kreidler e-bikes & bikes in daily use.


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Testbericht - Kreidler

SECCON Security Concept

Kreidler e-bikes score with top quality and excellent safety features. More and more often, e-bikes are used as a fully-fledged means of transport, for longer distances and in wind and weather. With SECCON, we ensure that you ride on the "safe side" at all times on a Kreidler e-bike.


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BOSCH E-Bike Technology

BOSCH E-bike drive units

Discover the BOSCH e-bike drive units for 2022 and find out about the innovations in e-bike technology.  

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Die neuen SUV E-Bikes Kreidler

The new SUV e-bikes

E-Bikes for every day and every way – solid tread tyres for a big plus in off-road and everyday use. 

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every day, every way


Vollintegrierte Akkus von Bosch

BOSCH eBike systems

Discover e-bike technology from BOSCH and learn more about the drives, integrated frame batteries and much more.


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Kreidler – every day, every way
Blue Planet Certificate – Kreidler

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Kreidler E-Bike & bicycles

every day, every way

These words express nearly everything the Kreidler brand stands out for.

At our Oldenburg site in Lower Saxony, we work from construction to quality control with well-grounded knowledge and great passion towards the goal of producing the perfect e-bike or bicycle for you to use every day, in any situation – reliable, functional and with an attractive design.

Kreidler - Provenance. Quality. Passion.

With our quality-oriented desire to be your long-term companion for your everyday life and leisure, we have put together a team which links experience and tradition with contemporary innovation and the most ultra-modern technology. In this way, we combine high-quality “everyday mobility” with the greatest possible enjoyment of the ride.

every day, every way