Testberichte von Kreidler

ElektroRad 4/2022 (german)

Vitality Eco 10 Sport – Drive, gear shift, comfort – Once again outstandingly tested "all-rounder". Grade "very good“

Kreidler Testbericht

RADtouren 3/2022 (german)

Vitality Eco 10 Cross - bears its name rightly and presents itself lively and agile on the course. Grade: 2.2

Testbericht - Vitality Eco 10 Sport

ElektroRad 1/2022 (german)

Vitality Eco 10 Sport – very good Trekkingbike for every day. Its understatement catapults it far ahead in the test field. Grade "Very Good"

Test Kreidler Vitality Eco 10 Sport Video
Testbericht - Vitality Eco 6 Comfort

ElektroRad 1/2022 (german)

Vitality Eco 6 Comfort - confident driving, convincing combination of drive and gear shift, great details. Grade "Very Good"

Test Kreidler Vitality Eco 6 Comfort Video
Vitality Eco 10 Nexus  - Kreidler - Testbericht

ElektroRad 1/2021 (german)

Vitality Eco 10 Nexus - inspiring driving performance, top motor-shift combination, great components. Grade "Very good"

Vitality Eco 10 Sport  - Kreidler - Testbericht

ElektroRad 1/2021 (german)

Vitality Eco 10 Sport - Robustly sovereign torque runner.  Grade „Very good“