Kreidler Fahrrad & E-Bike – Historie

E-bikes and bicycles from Kreidlerevery day, every way

These words express nearly everything the Kreidler brand stands out for.

At our Oldenburg site in Lower Saxony, we work from construction to quality control with well-grounded knowledge and great passion towards the goal of producing the perfect e-bike or bicycle for you to use every day, in any situation – reliable, functional and with an attractive design.

With our quality-oriented desire to be your long-term companion for your everyday life, sport and leisure, we have put together a team which links experience and tradition with contemporary innovation and the most ultra-modern technology. In this way, we combine high-quality “everyday mobility” with the greatest possible enjoyment of the ride.

Kreidler – Provenance. Quality. Passion.

As a mid-size company, we are continuing the rich history of the Kreidler brand in Germany, one which has long been inseparable from a great passion for bicycles, artisanal precision and impressive quality.

every day, every way