135 Jahre Kreidler

Kreidler – 135 years of history

1888 – how it all began ...

As early as 1888, company founder Anton Kreidler set up his own business and initially produced wires. Due to his success, Anton Kreidler constantly expanded his product range and later took his son Dipl. Ing. Alfred Kreidler into the company. After his studies, he had gained experience in the field of design, among others in the automotive industry. Following his penchant for fast motorcycles, he soon designed, built and sold motorcycles.

When Alfred Kreidler took over sole management of the company, he began developing various two-wheelers under the Kreidler brand.  Still under the name "Kreidler's Metall u. Drahtwerke GmbH", the first successful product "K 50" appeared - a motorcycle with a 50 cc engine and an output of 2.2 hp.

Due to its growing success, the company was later renamed "Kreidler-Werke GmbH & Co. KG" - a company that employed more than 5,000 people during its most successful period.

After an eventful history, the trademark rights were taken over by PROPHETE in 1987. The company, which is still known today for bicycles in building and consumer markets, soon founded a company that was to deal exclusively with the production of two-wheelers for the specialized trade - today's New Cycle GmbH.

Under the umbrella of this company, Kreidler has developed into one of the most successful German e-bike and bicycle brands.